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Is there anyway to downgrade my darn iPhone to previous IOS 5.1.1?


I made a huge mistake, I assume, to upgrade to the new IOS. Now my iPad does not seem to connect to the phone using bluetooth, why I cannot connect to shared internet. Problem is, I tried to find out prior to upgrade, but it is usual with Apple; a lot of information, but rarely the one needed.


Where does it say, that IOS 5 units will not connect to IOS 6 units using bluetooth?


If that is the case, that IOS 5 and 6 does not communicate, I will have to consider other products in the market.

iPhone 3GS (8GB), iOS 6.0.1, iPad 32 Gb IOS 5.1.1.
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    Apple does not support downgrading your iOS.

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    1. IPhone User Guide:   iPhone can connect wirelessly to Bluetooth devices such as headsets, headphones, and car kits for music listening and and hands-free talking. You can also connect the Apple Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth.


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    The thing is, they did connect without any problems prior to upgrading my iPhone to iOS 6.0.1.

    So you have to explain what is the purpose by the above reply you wrote, thanks.

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    @The Huntress


    I suspected this to be the answer, I'm sorry to say, but kept up my god hopes until your answer. From being a Apple supporter in the beginning, I'm getting more and more frustrated. I will probably sell my Apple products in favour of something much more open and possible to fix. To bad, but by locking down the customers like this, Apple will soon be heading the same way as in the early days, I'm afraid. Short time, max profit bean counters, is now leading the company into a dead-end again. Too much efforts will be spent on trying to destroy Samsung, it will cost ridiculously and therefore any means by charging the costumer will be used until it will break under the costs and customer frustration. American capitalists haven't learned anything, it seems.


    Miss you, Steven ... R.I.P.


    Anyhow, thanks for your reply, The Huntress ...

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    I too miss Mr. Jobs and would like to know what he would do in this situation. On the other hand, now that Mr. Ive is in charge of Human Interface and Industrail design, I think the future of Apple products and iOS is going to be very bright. Has me exicted to see iPhone 6/5s equiped with iOS 7

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    I was simply trying to point out what the iOS 6 and iPhone 5 User Guide says about Bluetooth functionality.  I'm not sure I follow your broader implications about Apple from this particular issue.  I, like most people will either decide to buy or not buy Apple products based on what I believe the product value proposition is to me.  So far I have purchased one heck of a lot of Apple Products over many many years.  I currently have purchased 5 or 6 iPod Touch devices, 3 iPads, an iMac and a MacBook Air as well as an iPhone 5.  I am not disappointed with any of these purchases. 

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    Yeah I'm having issues connecting by bluetooth between my 3GS and iPad 3! it was working fine before 6.0.1!

    Apple! if you are looking at these forums... I think it's time you provide some answers!


    I went to a local electronics store and tested with the iPad 4, iPad Mini, both couldn't detect my 3GS and iPad.  I stepped two more steps away and enabled the MacBook Air and it picked both up immediately!


    I'm getting more and more disappointed with Apple's quality control. I upgraded from 3.1.4, to 4.. was a downgrade..

    Then came iOS 5 which was a great upgrade! got me really excited and upgraded to iOS 6 the day it came out and I've gotten more and more disappointed with Apple since.


    I want to downgrade to 5.1.1.  Fix all your problems and I'll gladly upgrade to iOS6.  Luckily I still can't reserve a iPhone 5.  if this doesn't get fixed soon, I guess S3 is a very worthy alternative.