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Hi and thanks in advance.


I'm using GB '08 on OSX 10.4.11 w/ a G4 MDD. ( Sorry folks,  This is the setup that I have and cannot buy a new computer or software at this time)


I'm pretty new too DAW and all of this but want to compose music with traditional orchestra sounds as well as what GB offers.


I have found Muse Score and I can get some pretty good results for writing but I want to expand the software instrument voices that GB has.


I found  http://www.philharmonia.co.uk/thesoundexchange/make_music/samples/library/


and they have some pretty good sounding software instruments for free, except that they are in mp3 format.


I did some reading and see that GB understands a different format for this. I put some of the sounds into the correct GB folder as a test and result is of course no go. I see that GB uses exs and cst files in addition to wav and aff files.


How do I convert mp3 software instrument samples to the formats garageband can use? Is there a way? What would I need to do this?


Thanks again..

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)