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I just recently started a podcast which is hosted on Libsyn.   the RSS feed is http://elain.libsyn.com/rss but everytime I try to submit it to Itunes it gives a Network Connection was lost there was an error in the itunes store error.  I've been trying for 3 days now.  Have emailed back and forth with an apple support rep but nothing really has worked.   The feed works I have submitted it to subscribed to it through Itunes.  It worked downloaded the episode and everything (except my picture still doesn't show up and I don't know why)  I also ran it though feedvalidator.org and it shows it's a valid feed but has a few errors i'm not sure how to fix. But other then that it's a working feed.    I would really like to get it up on Itunes because I feel like this is really holding back my ability to promote it.



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    It might be that Itunes is having errors right now. Try again later? I know a few threads indicated that Itunes was having problems not displaying new epiosdes of podcasts (mine included) in Itunes. I'm on libsyn as well. It seems like you're doing everything right.

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    haha why wouldn't the apple guy just tell me that instead of going back and forth with me saying it had to be something on my end

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    There is a problem at the Store end at the moment which is preventing people from submitting podcasts: Rob Walch has been in contact with them and says they are working on it, so I should just leave it for a day or so and try again.


    Your feed is basically OK. The errors flagged in FeedValidator are not serious but should be addressed.


    'itunes:subtitle should not contain HTML:  ': The iTunes subtitle and summary tags should be limited to plain text. You've put the code for a non-breaking space in: surprisingly iTunes is actually rendering it but it's not a safe practice in general - it's just a likely to display the code.


    'Missing recommended iTunes channel element: itunes:category' - you have no 'itunes:category' tag, and in order to geet a decent dispoay in the Store you should add one - please see this page:




    You should restrict the category to those listed at the bottom of that page: don't invent your own as they won't be recognized.


    'The recommended <itunes:email> element is missing' - this tag is used to add an email for contact purposes, please see




    Note that though it may not be displayed in iTunes anyone can access the feed and read the code, and it will be visible there, so you may want to be cautious. It's not serious if you don't include it.

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    Hi there – I’m having the same problems and have been continually trying for the past week. Has anyone been able to sucessfully submit a new podcast to iTunes?


    Regards, Daniel.