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Hi, all~

I tried to solve this problem by myself, but it was not successful.

Please share your wisdom to solve it~


I have iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air and iMac and was using iMessage without any problem.

Then from 1 week before, I couldn't send/receive any message on my iMac suddenly.

At the first time, I thought that it might be a sever problem.

However it seems like it was not.

From last week, though iMessage on other devices are working flawlessly, iMessage on my iMac still does not work.


I tried....

- SMC / PRAM reset

- Resetting keychain

- Disable / enable my account on iMessage on my iMac

- Using different Apple ID

- adding public DNS server (,


But it couldn't solve the problem.

Whenever I send a text message, it seems like it was delivered with a sound, then several minutes later, it shows red circle with exclamation mark on right side of the text message, showing there was a problem.


One thing interesting for me is, whenever I disable / enable my account on my iMac, all other devices receive a message that my account is added to the iMac. So, I think it is comunicating with the sever somehow.


Do you have any suggestion?

I hope I don't need to reinstall OS X again....

Please help~


**Edit :

I've been using iMessage from beta version and now with Messges on Mountain Lion. It WAS working fine though.

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