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Mountain Lyon Level 1 (0 points)

Why would I need all these email addresses, gmail, macmail, memail, icloudmail? I don't understand.

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,982 points)

    @mac,@me and @icloud are the same address, in addition you opened a Gmail account, why?

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    I have this question too

  • GeekBoy.from.Illinois Level 4 (2,805 points)

    Well, I use different email addresses for different purposes.  I use one for on-line banking, I use a different one for on-line forums, I use yet another for general web pages that require you to give them an email address for some reason...  I even use different email addresses for different purposes, so my photogaphy hobby uses a different email address than the one used for my geocaching/munzee hobbies.  By keeping them grainular I am able to keep the spam at bay much easier, as I have about 30 email addresses, and only a couple of them get any spam at all, and the level of spam is related to the useage of the email addresses...