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hi all


im newbie about music and mainstage too and i need help. when i sing a song and record my performance i have 1 big problem: if i set the volume for my headphones around 15-18 (for listen well my voice while singing) the playback is too high and i cant listen well my voice so i need to reduce the volume of the playback to -6 or -9 but doing so when i listen my record the playback level is low compared to the vocal part.


i use the the default template for voice and tried to add channel strip but no idea how do get 2 different volume 1 for my headphones and 1 for the output.


my mic volume is perfect. is the playback i need to reduce only while singing


my sound card is the: apogee duet 2


thx in advanced


MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010)