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I am trying to learn Motion for the first time this weekend. I have successfully made some generators each with one drop zone. Now I am trying to make one that has two. Both work beautifully in Motion - and when I skim it in FCPX in the Generator section. However, in the timeline, and in the inspector, only one of them is showing. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I made the second drop zone by copying the first one and moving it alongside it.

Motion 4, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Motion 5
  • BenB Level 6 (9,065 points)

    You probably published the original Drop Zone before duplicating it.  When you duplicate a Drop Zone, even if it is published, the resulting copy is not.  Set the Drop Zone copy to be Published.

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    Thank you! I didn't realize you had to publish each dropzone.

  • serenity99 Level 1 (5 points)

    Well . . . I thought it answered my question but I still have troubles, even though both drop zones are now published. The project works fine in Motion. I have two dropzones that start at the top, one on the L and one on the R. They both drop straight down to the bottom, rotating as they go. When I go into FCPX, they are both at the bottom. The one on the L is static and the one on the right rotates but doesn't move. There is also only one drop zone for an image and it is for the image on the left.


    Perhaps I am copying the dropzone incorrectly. I tried it two different ways and neither one works.


    1 - Selected the original drop zone in the viewer, Edit, Copy, Paste - and then moved it where I wanted it.

    2 - Selected the original drop zone in the viewer, right-clicked, Make Clone Layer and move it where I wanted it.


    After I made the copy of the drop zone, I selected publish on all the parameters I wanted to publish and clicked on File, Save (since it was already in FCPX).

  • Jim Wanamaker Level 4 (2,440 points)

    Drop Zones after the recent upgrades to Motion and FCP seem to exhibit different and sometimes weird behavior. Clones and copies do not work for me at all in FCP. If you add your second drop zone from the object menu it should be fine.  The copies and clones work okay in Motion but not in FCP. If you add the drop zone from the menu you do not have to publish it as that happens automaticaly, just publish the specific paramaters you want. Remember that when you change anything in motion and save it the changes appear only in FCP browser. The generator in the timeline does not update, but must br reapplied. I have noticed that the drop zones do not appear when you skim the generator in the browser but do appear in the viewer.