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     Recently I bought an ibook g4 and installed Os x panther on it, to get rid of the previous owner's old files and stuff. I have a few questions.

1. Can it run Microsoft office if so what year(s)?

2. It can't update itunes, its at a really old version of itunes and when I go into itunes it says theres a new version of itunes available for download. So i press update and then it cant find anyway software updates, is it just os x panther because when it used to run os x 10.5.8 leopard it was able to update it. Also if i got Tiger would it update?

3. What would you recomend i get Tiger or Leopard. I dont care which i just want my laptop to be able to use word, and update itunes so I can use it. Also if both would work for those things than I would like the cheaper 1 which is Tiger.

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    Without knowing the actual model you have your questions are not fully answerable.


    You may be able to run Office 2004 or earlier as they would be the PPC versions. However, I don't know where you could get it as they are all obsolete.


    I can't tell you what you can upgrade OS X to because some models can run only Panther while others can run Tiger and/or Leopard. We need to know your exact model identifier which you can find by opening system profiler in the Utilities folder. The ID is displayed on the right.