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I am trying to do mail merge with pages.  I created my group in address book.  When I go to select a mail merge source it shows <No entries in Address Book> .  How do I get the groups to appear?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    This is a result of the new security settings within Mountain Lion.


    Apple Menu > System Preferences … > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab > Select "Contacts" in the left column


    On the right pane > "Allow the apps below to access your contacts"

    Put a check beside Pages.  It will automatically quit Pages to update this setting.


    Quit System Preferences


    Open your Pages Mail Merge document

    Edit Menu > Mail Merge > Select: Address or Group from Address book.


    You can also work with Mail Merge in the inspector

    Inspector ( Pages menu bar top right ) > link inspector > Merge Tab


    I have suggested to Apple that ether a reference to this Security & Privacy setting be mentioned in the Mail merge dialog, or better, that a Check Box to enable access to the Address Book be included in the Pages Mail Merge Dialog.


    For those that have not created a mail merge document before.

    Pages > Insert > Merge… > Select the merge field you would like placed at the current insertion point.


    I hope this resolves your issue.

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    Thank you it worked perfect.

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    Thank you!  I had this same problem.  Quick note, I upgraded to mountain lion on my iMac and encountered this problem.  On my wifes recently purchased Macbook Air, this was not an issue and not sure why.

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    Thank you.  I just spent three hours trying to figure out why a Contact group with 111 entries showed up in a Pages mail merge as "no entries in contact group", thinking I would have to manually re-enter all that information.  Thanks for the life saving advice.

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    You don't know how many hours of agrivation this has caused me.  I seriously almost lost my sanity over this.  Not sure how it took me so long to find this discussion.  I was initially only serching for things that talked about merge being broken and didn't even realize there was a message anywhere that said "address book is empty".


    Apple is quickly becoming more trouble than it is worth.

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    THAT is an extremely apropos slogan!