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My mom is upgrading to a new iPhone. I want an iPod, so my mom said that that I can use her iPhone 4s as an iPod touch. If I put the sim card of the new iPhone into the iPhone 4s(I know I need a sim card; my mom is putting the sim card in her iPhone 4s in her new iPhone so she can have her phone number and stuff...), will I have Siri and dictation(talk-speech on the keyboard)? I will use her old iPhone 4s as an iPod touch, for games and music, etc... Her iPhone 4s is not jailbroken or anything like that.

iPad 2, iOS 6, 1 year old
Solved by lllaass on Nov 11, 2012 11:12 AM Solved

As long as you have a wifi internet connection.

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Thank you. I really appreciate it. iPod, here I come, in 1 and a quarter years.

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