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How can I possibly be using so much data on my iPhone. I usually listen to Pandora for about an Hour each day I drive to work. So far (the first 8 days of my billing cycle I have used about 1 GB of data. According to Verizon's calculations I based on this usage I should be using a total of about 1.5 GB of data/month. I called both Verizon and Apple and received no resolution. Apple confirmed that the Phone's wifi shuts off WIFI when the phone is asleep. Resulting in the phone switching to LTE. Apple also indicated that apps that are in the background tend to use data as well. This still doesn't make sense. I had the same data usage pattern (Pandora) with my old 3GS and only used about 1GB/ month. There has got to be another solution. I refuse to believe that just using Pandora for about an hour/day for 5/days a week results in a GB of data usage. Any suggestions?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    sources say that this is due to a bug in the iOS version you are using and should be fix with a software update soon 6.1

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    Rubbish, ADAM.  What sources say this?  Can you provide a reference?


    Excessive data usage is most commonly due to a rogue application, often an exchange mail program gone awry.

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    Not sure the usage is restricted to Iphone 5.  I have experienced the same on and I4.  Only one out of 4 phone started eating up data at an alarming rate.   I believe I have tracked the problem to the Itunes match.  Apparently it syncs the phone to itunes several time per day.  I found a pattern of usage around midnight, 2-4pm, and 8-10pm.  Since turning off Itunes match, the problem has gone away....at least for three days.

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    So, I thought itunes match (like Pandora) streams music from the cloud. I didn't think that the phone 'syncs' several times a day. I did notice a pattern between 11am-1pm data being used in the order of 29 mb yesterday, 42 mb the day before, and 43 mb the day before that. This is at a time when I know I am not using any significant data on my phone. Yesterday I even closed all my apps w/the exception of Pandora which I made sure wasn't running during the day. This additional usage can easily add up to the 100 mb/day i'm averaging.