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This is weird. I created a video in Keynote then imported it to GarageBand for audio tracks. I exported then to disc in .mov. Sent the .mov to YouTube. No problems. Then I edited the original in GarageBand. When I export to disc in .mov no problem. When I upload to YouTube the original version audio is there not the edited version. OK. I ran a test where I deleted the track in question entirely exported to disc then uploaded to YouTube. Low and behold the original version  with the deleted sound track is what plays not the version I just uploaded. The same result happens when I use Wondershare to convert the .mov to MP4; the edited version is not there only the original. I have fooled around for hours trying to find a work around short of starting the project all over again. Anyone else ever run into this?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)