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Hello, I have the iPhone 5 with iOS 6  Canadian ISP provider Telus....

I tried reset of networks, reset ph to original settings,  manually adding, 'other' network manual add,

just about every tip I saw on here and Nothing.


Any ideas? when I go to ph store it connects to thier wifi, it connects to starbucks wifi...fBut NOT my home wifi???


I have a wifi printer + 2 laptops, e-reader and wifi printer ALL connected NO Problems..I had  the iPhone 4g & it connected

no problems.


Any ideas?? I'm not sure my provider will replace the phone? I can try but it is highly unlikely when it connects to thier network and not mine


Is there something I"m missing?? ALL of my other devices connected but not the iPhone!


Really appreciate any help or suggestions anyone can give me...

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1