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Dear Apple,

     My name is Jordan, I am a Resident Assistant at a small university in West Virginia and we are holding a campus wide talent show on Tuesday, November 13th 2012, with proceeds that will go toward Hurricane Sandy Relief. After planning our entire program and getting everything set in stone, my last job is to find a grand prize for the winning contestant, and working with an extremely small budget I have had to rely on donations from local businesses and companies. I have reached out to my local apple store in South Hills Village Mall in Pennsylvania, who directed me to 1-800-APPLE, who then directed me to Apple Community Affiars. I would really like to have a GRAND PRIZE with wow factor to give our winner and to help bring more students to our event to ultimately reach our goal of raising a sufficient amount of money to send to those devastated families whom were struck by the hurricane. If there is anything your company can do to help me to achieve our goal and make this event worth while it would be greatly appreciated.





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    Apple does not respond to posts made in these forums. We're all just fellow users here.


    And typically Apple does not donate products nor services to events like yours, no matter how worth. Apple as I'm sure you can understand gets hundreds if not thousands of similar requests every year and there would be no way they could repond to even a tiny fraction of them. There is no publicly-stated way to submit such a request, anyway. I'd suggest you contact a local independent Apple dealer and try to get them interested in supporting your show. A local business would be the most likely to be willing to contribute to such a cause and support a local educational institution.