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Search this forum and tried relaunching Finder, tried restarting, tried closing browsers.  I thought it might be Spotlight indexing, but that's done and I'm still getting 300% CPU usage from Finder. 

Macbook Pro i7, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Try starting in Safe Mode and see if the problem still occurs?

    Restart holding the "shift" key.

    (Expect it to take longer to start this way because it runs a directory check first.)


    If this works look in System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login items and delete any third party login items (-), you can always add them back with the (+). Also look in /Library/Startup Items. Nothing is put in that folder by default, so anything in there is yours.

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    I deleted everything but it won't let me delete my old virus protection software login item called "integostatusitemhelper", and it won't let me hide it either.  When I installed ML it said that the Intego Virusbarrier software could not be run on this version, and that it would put it in an isolated folder, but I didn't pay attention to where.  I uninstalled the software via Clean My Mac, but that login thing is still under "Login Items".  :/

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    I don't think Intego VB caused your problem. I run Intego on Mountain Lion without any trouble.  Trashing software rather than uninstalling probably messed things up more though. .


    Intergo comes with an uninstaller. Try running it now that you have corrupted the app. The other thought is get the current version Virus Barrier 6.


    Did you repair permissions and restart?

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    Clean my Mac does a full uninstall--at least that's what they claim.  It's no longer on my HD, except for that stuck login file

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    CleanMyMac isn't necessary or advised.


    @Russa - I don't see any apps the OP has deleted, only Login Items?