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So I've just purchased this Iomega Ultramax plus 4TB Hard Drive.  It has 2x2TB hard drives in it's enclosure.  I have set the physical switch on the back of the drive to Raid 1.  So first part complete.


The whole purpose for me is that I have redundancy.  So I'm not wanting to partition the drives any further.  I just want 2 identical 2TB drives working as mirrored. Now, in disk utility, it shows up as one 2TB hard drive.  So far so good.  But the question is, where do I go from there? Do I still need to partition this hard drive? Do I pick '1 partition' instead of 'current' which is what it is showing by default. or do I still pick 2 partitions or do I do nothing at all.  Help?  Thank you.