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Just put a new HDD in my Wife's early 2009 Macbook & did a fresh install of Mountain Lion - everything is FANTASTIC, very zippy, lots of nice changes, etc. with one exception: when I open the iCloud control panel in System Preferences to set up her account all my options are greyed out & I have to enter her Apple ID password.  The correct Apple ID is displayed (she only has one, no .mac or .me e-mail addresses, etc.) but after entering the password it simply spins the little "progress" wheel & hangs indefinately.  Never freezes, I can cancel & go back to business as usual, but I have left it chugging away for up to 8hrs with nothing happening.  When I attempt to log in to iCloud via the Safari inteface, its no sweat, but it only has her old data, nothing from the new install, no updates, etc.  Her Apple ID seems to be working perfectly in every other situation I could think to test - she can successfully log in to iMessage, the App store, etc.  I tried deleting her Keychain data as I'd seen that mentioned in another thread, but no luck. . . Suggestions greatly appreciated!!! 



MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I had the same problem. Examining the console log showed that I needed to agree to some terms of service, but no terms of service showed up to agree to. On the iCloud panel I signed out and then signed in again. I had to agree to remove a bunch of stuff to sign out. When I signed in again the terms of service panel showed up and I was finally able to log in. Hope this helps!


    Some error text from console:




    description = "This account needs to accept the ToS"



    (even though mobileme is gone, I guess the errors haven't been updated)