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Hi there!


I'm the excited new owner of a 15" MBP Mid 2012 (2.6ghz quad core i7) and I would like to figure out how to turn off the MBP's cpu throttling when it is running on battery. 


I just put my laptop through some testing with and without the power adapter plugged in.  My test was rendering 1:1 previews for 14 24megabyte raw files.  Results:


- With power adapter plugged in, the 14 previews took 40 seconds to run

- With power adapter disconnected, the 14 previews took 50 seconds to run


So there's a 25% increase in processing time while on battery. 


Does anyone know how to turn this off?  I'd like to be able to process at full power while not plugged in, even if it kills my battery life.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)