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    OK, and remember I am NOT using the AE now, it is still in the box all neatly tucked away.  so I will follow your instructions above and hopefully it will work.  Thanks

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    have to go pick up a friend so I will let you know If I get to it when I get back.  if not and I run nto trouble I will just reply to one of these posts and wait to see when you will be around.  I think the first time I used it the applecare rep hooked it up wirelessly which is why it ook so long and she did not use the AU for some reason.

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    I understand - but now the only way to do it is with the AU - and a factory reset is the best way to go.

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    OK, I will not bug you again, but let me ask a few questions and if you can answer them I would appreciate it.  I understand if you do not know the answers.


    1. I will get some more ethernet cables to have on hand.  With the age of technology we are in is there any special type I should make sure I get like gold plated, a certain CAT number (I think I have seen CAT 5 and 6.), anything that with your expereince and knowledge you would say is good to look for in getting a quality ethernet cable?


    2. You said we can do this wirelessly earlier and in the last post you made a comment about this is the way to go.  If I do not get it up and running should I not even try to do it wirelessly?


    3. Knowing the model number of my AE and about how long I have had it do you think this one can keep up with the current technology of today?  The upload/download, etc. that comcast internet delivers, and the latest security measures?


    4. If there is a firmware update, should I avoid it or download it?


    5. When I hooked it up the other dy my network that I created was still there.  it is "KJT" but I think since I did the reset already, had I tried GUEST as the password I might have been able to connect successfully.  should I tru that again before I go through the utility?


    6 If this does not work, can you help with trying it wirelessly or is that too much to try via a forum like this?


    Thanks for your help.

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    Here are the answers to your questions:


    1.  Cat5e cables are fine for your use - Cat6 are the best but more expensive.

    2.  To set up the Extreme wirelessly is more involved so it is up to you.

    3.  I checked your model # and it should work fine.

    4.  If there is a firmware update do it.

    5.  Do a factory reset as I have suggested - don't try to use the old network.

    6.  I can give you wireless instructions but the installation is up to you.


    If you want all new technology and you want to stay with Apple, then I would recommend a new Extreme or Express  - Apple provides 90 days of support on these products.

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    thanks for the answers.  I would prefer to keep the AE I have if somebody who knows what they are talking about thinks this model is still Ok to use.  I beleive you have give me your approval.  :-)


    If the technology is out of date to the point that I am risking my security, I would purchase a new one. However, I do not get that from you, unless in your last post that is what you are saying.


    I still have not had time to try the connection but will post to you when I do.

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