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I have a HUGE problem.  I have created a wonderful spreadsheet (with the help of many others) to help me observe a host of data points for my middle school students.  The problem, I need an AppleScript for my "Report" page to populate a new workbook of reports for all my students at once, instead of having to print them individually for every progress report and report card I send home or email.  The main problem lies in the fact that the report populates from two different sheets (P3 Geometry and P5 Geometry) and two different rosters of students.  A secondary problem is I know next to nothing about Applescript and only enough to really mess things up in VBA.


Please help!  I've included a sample file with fictitious student names.  That's the only difference from my grade book.  Thank you, tremendously, in advance!



Office for Mac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Excel VBA to AppleScript