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When you import a picture into iMovie 11 from Aperture or iPhoto, iMovie creates an copy of the picture at a lower resolution and uses that picture in the video. It is often blurry and of worse quality than the original and looks bad in HD. Some of the copies (reveal in Finder) are only 200k.

You can fix this by dragging a higher quality photo from Finder on top of the same photo in iMovie and choose "replace". Thereafter iMovie looks to the photo you dragged in for the source of the image. I'm finding that the difference is often dramatic in terms of the finished video. It's hard to tell how iMovie is making its decisions because some of the pictures it creates are okay and can be close to 1mb in size. There's no indication of what it's going to do with a photo or why and no apparent way to configure it.


Does anyone know how to get iMovie to take pictures from Aperture and iPhoto and not degrade them? In other words, to control the quality (e.g. image size, compression, whatever the heck it's doing) of imported photos?


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    I'm having a similiar problem and I'm sure it didn't happen with the previous version of iMovie.  I'm importing images from Aperture and building both SD & HD slideshows (for iDVD & and a stand-alone MP4/MOV video) and adding the images & HD video to the DVD assets manually.


    For me, the issue isn't the preview quality as revealed in the finder (I cleared the Aperture previews and reset them to unlimited so the file sizes are several MBs at full resolution) but iMovie seems to degrade the quality on both it's full-screen playback and any exported HD video.


    I can't seem to find any setting in iMovie that explains the degradation so I'm assuming it's just poor downscaling but any help would be gratefully appreciated.