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It was weird, but when I got my Mac it had Snow Lepard I upgraded it to Lion and never thought about Flash; i just assumed it was there.  After upgrading to Mountain Lion, Cnet videos told me that I need to upgrade/install Flash. 


I have never been comfortable with that, I know Flash is widely exploited.  Do you guys have it installed on your systems?  Do you think I really NEED it?  I know I could use Google Chrome, but I don't really like it, plus it forces my descriete graphics and cuts my battery life in half (if you have any suggestions with that issue feel free to leave comments :] )


So, how many of you have Flash?

Also, should I uncheck "Java" in Safari 6?  I know Java Script is separate, and needed, but I've heard that Java is rarely used and widely abused, is this true?


Sorry for all of the quesions, I am a Security freak. 

Thank you for my piece of mind.