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I spent all day trying to find how to configure my airport extreme as a wireless bridge to ethernet without results, I hope you could help me. I have a DSL wireless modem and I need to connect some none wifi devices to internet so I bought an airport extreme, I configured the Airport extreme as "join a wireless network" and it works, but when I connect my none wifi devices to the airport extreme via Ethernet they do not get the IP addres from the DHCP DSL modem.


Do you know what am I missing?



Airport Extreme, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Do you know what am I missing?


    The AirPort Extreme cannot perform as a wireless to Ethernet bridge when it "joins" a wireless network because the Ethernet ports are not enabled in this type of configuration.


    The Extreme will perform as a wireless to Ethernet bridge when the device is configured to "extend" a wireless network. The rub here is that the "extend" setting will only work if you have another Apple router providing the wireless signal.

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    Thank you very much. Now I will try to find another solution.

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    Ironically, a less expensive AirPort Express can do what you want, with a "hidden" feature called ProxySTA, but you will have to set it up manually to "Allow Ethernet Clients" using AirPort Utility 5.6 for Lion.


    I do not think...but have not verified....that the normal version of AirPort Utility 6.x packed in with Lion has this option.


    If you need more Ethernet ports, you can connect a 5-port, 8-port etc. Ethernet switch to the Express.


    Post back if you need more info about this option.



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