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I can login, I can buy stuff, bur for some reason I can not view my account infromation

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    I'm having a similar problem. I can browse in the store and I can purchase stuff but for some reason I can't view my account information. I ran the iTunes diagnostics. The Internet connectivity is ok but the "secure link to iTunes store failed". Specifically in the diagnostics report it says that the only connection that was unsuccessful was to firmware update server.

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    I think I may have figured out my solution. I clicked on the X on the error message instead of clicking Ok and got another error message with a number - 10054. Did a Google search for that and found out that I had to Reset cache in iTunes and it seems to have worked so far.

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    That solution did not work. It's back this morning to telling me to check my network connection. I wonder if my problem is potentially caused by Hurricane Sandy. That seems to be about the time it started happening. Because email support hasn't been very helpful, looks like it's time to contact phone support.


    Another issue I'm having is my CD drive on my computer has suddenly stopped working. I hope that checking various settings on my computer didn't mess anything up.

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    The issue turn out for me to be the Itune store had the issue. later that day it was fixed and I no longer have the issue. I can now view all information in my account.

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    Well, I had to do a system restore to get my CD drive running again.


    As for my account, I've created a second account with a different email address and password. So far, the second account lets me view my account info.