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I have iTunes Match enabled and it keeps moving my playlists around on me.  It seems to have a problem with folders for playlists.  I have a folder of Compilation playlists that my friends have made me through the years.  I have placed sub folders (2009, 2010, etc.) in this Compilations folder.  iTunes with Match enabled seem to move certain playlists between these folders (between the year folders or back out into the general Compilations folder).  It also likes to rename the year folders, say make two of them 2012, when one is 2010 and the other is 2012--really random stuff.  This is really annoying to say the least, especially since I am paying for this service!


I have tried moving the offending playlists back into the correct year folders and using the Update iTunes Match menu selection only to have Match move them again.  It doesn't seem to always move them in the same place; it has a few playlists it likes to move more than others.  It really just has a problem with folders.  Though even now sometimes it will duplicate the odd playlist (though Apple has seemed to fix that problem mostly).  I have tried disabling Match and reorganizing the playlists into the correct folders, then re-enabling Match--it screws them up again.  I've tried the same while holding down the Option key--it screws it up upon re-enabling Mtch.  I've tried deleting the iTunes Library Genius.itdb file (still a screw-up).  I quit iTunes each time.  I've also disabled Match on my iPhone (6.0.1) before all of this and won't re-enable until this is resolved as I've read that it can have an affect on Match problems.  Nothing works!!


Someone please help me!




Using OS 10.8.2; iTunes 10.7 (21) 64-bit

Mac mini (Early 2009), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), iTunes