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I get the following error message when I try to upgrade/install QuickTime to version :


"Error writing to file C:/Program Files(x86)/QuickTime/QTTask.exe. Verify that you have access to that directory"


With the typical Abort, Retry or Ignore options.  I tried all of the options, Retry simply repeated, Abort cancelled the installation, and Ignore

seemed to move the installation forward until I got the following error message:


"Error writing to file C:/Program Files(x86)/QuickTime/PropertyPanels\PanelHelperBase.qpa. Verify that you have access to that directory"


with no option available other than Cancel which removed all the files installed up to that point.



QuickTime, Windows 7
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    Frustrated with the solutions offered after an exhaustive google search "unistall all Apple applications (except iTunes) and then re-run the most current installer" or the ever so helpful "system wipe and restore" solution. I finally came across a solution from 2010 that worked for me.


    I was able to install QT for windows 7 by changing the default installation folder "quicktime" to a new folder that I named "aquicktime".  Then changing the folder name back to QuickTime, and running the installer one more time choosing the Repair option and QT has worked wonderfully ever since.


    ** It may be important to note that I had already uninstalled the previous version of QuickTime that I was attempting to upgrade before I came across the solution listed above.  I wish I had found the solution earlier, because uninstalling the previous version of QuickTime wasn't necessary.