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Hello All


I know this is a well-discussed problem already but I'll try to provide relevant details to make this post not just another rant and run-around of solutions we already know.


Before ML Reinstall (not erase and install):

- Intermittently Safari would stop loading and would say no internet connection

- My WiFi would then say, after trying to reconnect, 'connection timed-out, cannot connect to AirBears' (our school WiFi name)

- So I would try to reboot, reset SMC, reset PRAM

- Then everytime: 'no hardware installed' when I click the WiFi radar icon in the menubar

- I try to repair permissions, reboot, adjust network settings here and there according to whats floating around online (new location, MTU, DHCP, KeyChain)

- Then by some random rhythmn and combination of things it would work, for a bit

- I would get the same issues whether on school or home networks; observed for about 3-4 days


After ML Reinstall (not erase and install):

- It was fine for about two days but only because I was using WiFi from my home.

- As soon as I got on AirBears to start the week it came back after only two hours of use

- Took to school technicians, they ran hardware tests and reset the PRAM and SMC only to resurface the 'no hardware installed' thing

- They recommended I reformat my drive because its probably a tiny kink in the entire web of software(s)

- I dont wanna do that, especially since TM would just slap that kinked code right back in there

- Im at home now and its working fine


My Comments:

- AirBears (school network) seems to be a suspect

- ML reinstall seems to have suprssed the problem (at least now i dont have the problem at home)

- SMC and PRAM reset seems to induce this 'no hardware installed' problem which is resolved by rebooting


My Questions:

- How can I find out definitively if its hardware or software related? This seems to be a smart first step.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)