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Hello All


I know this is a well-discussed problem already but I'll try to provide relevant details to make this post not just another rant and run-around of solutions we already know.


Before ML Reinstall (not erase and install):

- Intermittently Safari would stop loading and would say no internet connection

- My WiFi would then say, after trying to reconnect, 'connection timed-out, cannot connect to AirBears' (our school WiFi name)

- So I would try to reboot, reset SMC, reset PRAM

- Then everytime: 'no hardware installed' when I click the WiFi radar icon in the menubar

- I try to repair permissions, reboot, adjust network settings here and there according to whats floating around online (new location, MTU, DHCP, KeyChain)

- Then by some random rhythmn and combination of things it would work, for a bit

- I would get the same issues whether on school or home networks; observed for about 3-4 days


After ML Reinstall (not erase and install):

- It was fine for about two days but only because I was using WiFi from my home.

- As soon as I got on AirBears to start the week it came back after only two hours of use

- Took to school technicians, they ran hardware tests and reset the PRAM and SMC only to resurface the 'no hardware installed' thing

- They recommended I reformat my drive because its probably a tiny kink in the entire web of software(s)

- I dont wanna do that, especially since TM would just slap that kinked code right back in there

- Im at home now and its working fine


My Comments:

- AirBears (school network) seems to be a suspect

- ML reinstall seems to have suprssed the problem (at least now i dont have the problem at home)

- SMC and PRAM reset seems to induce this 'no hardware installed' problem which is resolved by rebooting


My Questions:

- How can I find out definitively if its hardware or software related? This seems to be a smart first step.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    kapitanemo wrote:


    How can I find out definitively if its hardware or software related?

    It's neither. The problem is enterprise IT. Either the router hardware they bought is junk or they have misconfigured it. I'm sure at some point they will offer to replace your Mac with a nice, plastic Lenovo.

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    thank you for the reply and I agree with your sentiments haha


    But joking aside, before ML I did not have any issues with the school network and not everyone with a MBP with ML is having this issue.

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    If I were to erase and install ML, then restore a time machine back up, would that negate the fresh-start benefits of the erase and install?


    or would it be like all my personal stuff (apps, prefs and data) in a brand new spick and span operating system?