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Let me start by stating my background with the iPhone. I've had every iPhone apple has released. I had my own business repairing and customizing iPhones for years. I know them inside and out. I was as excited as anybody about the new iPhone 5. Unfortunately that was short lived. Here's a list of issues that I've experienced with the phone that should simply not exist.

*my power button only works if I press it very firmly, and to the left of the button. This is obviously a hardware issue in the phone, but apparently it's a common one. Very disappointing to have this with a phone that's 2 months old.

*the "static" keyboard when typing in your password in the App Store. Not a big deal, but why?

*when you receive a message/call and you slide to unlock to answer/ respond with the screen still being lit up, the unlock simply bounces back and does not respond. I've missed a number of calls due to this issue.

*when responding to a text, you type the letters to the word you want, and nothing appears. The large key will show up for each key you press, but nothing shows up on the text line. Awful.

There are probably a number of other slight glitches, but they're not worth mentioning. These have been the biggest thorn in my side with the new iPhone. These issues simply shouldn't be. Especially with a "bug fix" software update from apple. I've never in my life been so disappointed by a product I've purchased. This phone retails for $600. That's not chump change. In fact, that's a crap ton of money for a phone. I understand its more then a phone, but if it can't do the simple tasks perfect, 100% of the time, I feel like it's a huge waste of money. There is no denying the beauty of the new iPhone. But damnet, I spent my hard earned money on more than a pretty paper weight. Apple screwed the pooch big time with this one. I'm sad to say, this will be my last iPhone I ever purchase. What apple once was, no longer exists. So long apple.

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