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I want to keep 5 ipads all the same. Anyone know an easy way to make sure they are all the same WITHOUT the use of a computer??

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1, I am not using a computer!!!
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    Sync them all with the same icloud account.



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    That is fine but will they auto install every app I purchase? and will the way I organize my menu be the same on all of them? I want them to be all the same period. no differences at all. Kindergarten kids will be using these and I want them to be identical.

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    Well you can have i think up to 10 devices sharing the same store account....So make sure under settings, store, that they are the same ID and have automatic downloads ON (on all of them). This will ensure that if you add a program on one, the others will download the same program to match. There is no way, without a computer, to set them up NOW all the same. Your going to have to do it individually NOW with the apps etc. From this point on, any downloads will follow suit on the others.


    Icloud will sync, mail, contacts, photos, etc with all of them, but im guessing that doesnt matter since its a kindergarten class. Icloud and "store cloud" are different. I dont think you will need Icloud for your class, so if not you can turn that off.

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    But again that will not make them the same. I need the menu and everything to be the same. I need the kids to be able to know where a certain program is without having to look through 10 pages of garbage to find a app. I have everything organized in one page of folders and I need that to be the same also. Right now I setup my number one unit and back it up to the icloud. After it is done I erase and restore each of the other 4. I am looking for an easier way to do this. seems there should be a way to keep these all organized.

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    The easiset way - Would be to use a computer in order to do this. I just can't envision anyway to have them be identical every time they are handed out to the students without using iTunes to keep them in sync.


    Have you Googled this at all to read some of the tips and suggestions that other websites and tech articles suggest?


    https://www.google.com/search?q=how%20to%20keep%20iPads%20in%20school%20all%20in %20sync

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    Yes, I have been there and anywhere else I could find articles on it. One would think Apple has it together on such simple things. I just need to have them all the same. Seems simple, maybe a little too simple. I hate to have to erase them and restore every time I add a few apps.

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    I agree with what you are saying. Have you tried contacting an Apple Store "Genius" or contact Apple via email to get their take on this?


    Have you posted in the iPad in the enterprise forum? Frankly, I'm a little surprised that ASC hasn't included an iPad in Education forum in the community by now, but maybe your questions could be answered in the iPad in the Enterprise forum.



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    Just my two cents. You do have tools to create duplicates without computer, just by restoring from icloud back up. You do have ability to auto download apps when one ipad has downloaded and all the rest is set for auto

    downloads. What you don't have is option to track usage (changes) and I think it is protected by Apple's privacy policy to avoid "Big Brother" situation. But if you want to pursue that look for Enterprise solutions provided by third party. I have heard of some company in UK who for 25 000 pounds provided licenses to schools in US to multiply ipads in amounts of thousands. You probably want free solution, it may not exist.

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    There is an easy way but you need a computer, specifically a Mac 10.7.5 or above.

    It is called Apple Configurator. AC makes it easy for anyone to mass configure and deploy iPhone, iPad,and iPod touch in a school, business, or institution.


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    Everyones answer so far was wrong, SORRY!!


    Again the question was to make them all the same WITHOUT a computer. Not just the programs but the icons on the main screen too. They must be in the same folders and on the same page. I have them organized and ONLY one page of icons and folders to keep life simple. These are kindergardners and I cannot expect them to look through 10 pages of icons to find the one I want them to.


       I just do one now and then back it up to the cloud. Then I erase and restore the other 4 from that backup. I am simply looking for an easier way without a computer. Any suggestions would be great if they fit my problem.



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    Without a computer, no. They are distinct devices with distinct instances of iOS and the apps (which can be individually changed by a user). The only way youwill be able to control and "fix" the screen arangements is via iTunes on a computer. That's not the answer you want to hear, but it is the reality.

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    Everyone's answer was not wrong, it's your expectation that was wrong.


    There is no other way to do it than doing it manually witout a computer.

    What you want cannot be achieve without a computer.

    Anyway, good luck.

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    I am doing it without a computer as I mentioned a couple times. It is working fine. If I am doing something wrong please let me know so I can address problems you may see.


    I am fine with the way I am doing it now but no one seems to think it is the right way, WHY?


    I was simply looking for an easier way WITHOUT computer.

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    Thebiros wrote:


    I was simply looking for an easier way WITHOUT computer.

    That's the part we are talking about.

    There are software for this purpose and at the moment it is doing it with the computer.

    The only easier way is to use a computer with Apple Configurator.

    Otherwise do as you are doing now.

    Like I have said good luck with your future endeavor.


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