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Im having an issue with color not displaying my footage in the viewing window but instead it appears to be inverting the footage and then displaying the lighter areas in weird pixally colours.


Any thoughts?

Color, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    have you found anything? i'm having the same issue... haven't found the answer yet...it's got to be something in 10.8 becase i have my 10.7.5 boot disk in the same computer...boot from it and color works fine.





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    figured it out...


    ok... I calibrated my monitors using a new software called i1ProfilerD2LionEdition.app, it's the beta software for the i1 Display 2 calibration device.


    I made a 120 nit and a 220 nit calibration.


    Selecting the 120nit calibration on "both" monitors ( I have 2 Dell 2405FPW's), having been calibrated separately, i started Color and didn't see the picture in the viewing window clearly.


    when i select a standard calibration (made with another software...ColorEyes or Apple's Calibration inside System Preferences>Displays>Calibrate) ONLY on the SECONDARY monitor (not the MAIN)... and Color starts up and i can see the Viewer window just fine...


    To get around this, i just leave open the Display box and once i start Color and get an image on both monitors, I just change the calibration to what i desire...in this case the 120nit calibration made with i1ProfilerD2LionEdition.app.


    This works both with 10.7.5 and 10.8.2.


    Hope this helps!!