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I have spent hours searching for an email I KNOW I sent.... In frustration I went to 'setting' in gmail and 'ungrouped' conversations and PRESTO the email was there.... When I regroup the conversations it disappears again totally... not in any threads, not in 'sent' mail... (not even coming up on a full email search)...... I have NO IDEA why this is happening.... All I know is that it is happening, it shouldn't happen and I am turning from being a total APPLE fan... to wondering how I can switch back to a wiondows based system. Totally fed up with Apple recently ... I wish I didn't have Iphone, Ipod touch, Ipad AND MacBook Pro...... changing is going to take a while but I will change unless Apple does something to stop these annoying quirks....

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I feel your pain, they never seem to finish an OS or APP, before going on to the next version which inevitably breaks even more, but...


    Highlight that Account & try Rebuild under the Mailbox menu.