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Using Pages '09 on a 10.6.8 iMac. My file is about 3.6MB in size, have been editing it for a few months now. All of a sudden I get:


"JournalManuscriptV12.pages" couldn't be opened.

The required index.xml file is missing.


So I uncompress the .pages file, and yes index.xml is there, along with Preview.pdf (which opens and has all my updates). I uncompress an older working version of my .pages file and get its index.xml file and stick it into the current one, recompress it and rename it to .pages, but it results in the same error in Pages. Ditto with the Preview.pdf file.


Is there any way to "sanitize" the index.xml file so Pages will accept it? I'm looking at potentially a week's worth of work down the drain as I just discovered my TM backup drive is toast.

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    Here's how I just repaired my .pages document for which Pages '09 proclaimed:

         The required index.xml file is missing


    1. Rename MyDocument.pages to MyDocument.zip

    2. Uncompress MyDocument.zip by double-clicking it in the Finder

    3. This results in a folder named MyDocument with NO extension

    4. Add the .pages extension onto the folder filename: MyDocument.pages

    5. Double-click MyDocument.pages in the Finder. It opens!


    Not sure what's going on here, but it looks like Pages sometimes chokes on the auto-uncompress of the file into a folder when opening it. This has been an ongoing problem with Pages since its inception.


    Hope this helps others stuck in this situation. Just saved myself a week of work! ;-)


    -- Transini