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I was using the Croatian App store for over 5 years. Now i want to chande it to the German (To shop music, movies...).

I changed the coutry and inserted the Master Card details but it wont accept it ? It says that this payment method is not acceoted in this store!?

I was using this card in the Croatian store without problems.. Now i used aslo the Visa Electro, still nothing..


Thank you for the help

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, 16GB Black
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    Isnt' that Visa card one of those virtuals that doesn't work on the iTS anyway?

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    I used this mastercard for over 5 years in the Croatian Store.

    I understand that the visa dont wanna work because its an visa electro.



    Ihre Zahlungsmethode ist in diesem Store nicht gültig.

    Bitte geben Sie eine neue Zahlungsmethode ein."


    Please help??

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    If you use a German store, your card must have a German address.

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    Now i'm gonna live in Germany for 4-5 months (and wanna use their store) but i still have the Croatian Master C.

    I changed the adress down blow but still nothing...


    Is there any way to get music or videos frome any other store? Austrian, Swiss ... ?


    Apple is sometimes so complicated

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    If you are only going to be there for 5 months, then I would forget about changing everything, since you'll have to go through the hassles again when you move back.


    Why not just use a gift card if you really insist? No need to get new credit cards issued and all that. Switch your Store account to German, and redeem German gift cards.

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    Will the Gift card work 100% ? Because im using the "Croatain store" so i have to change the store (for a moment) add the code, shop for movies and music !? Just asking because i'm gonna buy a 100 Euro iTunes German Gift Card?


    Thank u fore he replay.

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    Mac App Store

    You must use the iTunes and Mac App Stores in the country where you legally reside. You must use a bank card from that same country with a verifiable billing address in that country. Switching your account to another country to purchase in that country's store because you reside there for a short period of time is not a good idea, even with an iTunes gift card for that country. You will run into all sorts of back-end hassles with the store for one country not recognizing your purchase in the other country's store when you need to update an app or game.


    You will likely return here cursing Apple and crying about the mess that you will have made for yourself.