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Everytime I loop in loopback, I get pops and clicks. My i/o buffer is open as large as it will go to no avail. I'm running a 27in macbook pro from 2010 with 4g ram..10.6.8. Any ideas?

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    Hi violinviola


    You should probably know that loop is not an exact science


    The track  need to be well balanced in terms of bars and volumes start and end because otherwise the clicks and pops appear.


    The track is only battery or a complete theme?


    You can try 2 ways:




    put a fade in and fade out very fast in order to mitigate or eliminate these noises




    try new loop points



    these results are better if the band is constant (eg battery


    Hope I have helped and good luck


    Best regards

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    Even when I use a loop with a fade out at the end, I get a click. I've tried getting rid of every effect on the track and the same thing happens. What I'm most frustrated about is, I don't have this problem at all using a loop pedal that's almost 7 years old. Mainstage 2 should work flawlessly!! I must have something set wrong. I should mention that I'm not syncing to a tempo. These loops are on the fly.

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    I should also mention that I'm using a viola as the instrument. I get the click even when I use a software instrument.

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    Hi violinviola,


    Can you send me the sound and the bars you want to loop to see if I can figure the problem and try to help you?