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I have iMac 21,5 from 2010, made an up grade to moutain lion from apple store, couldnt install it, got message, hard disk SMART error, but my hard disk perfectly works. If I must change it, wich hard disk I have to buy, wich size? Im from Croatia and in my town does not have apple store.Thanks. Sorry About my English.

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    Open Disk Utility in your Applications/Utilities folder and click on your drive and look at the SMART status.


    If it's not good, then the drive is failing and needs to be replaced shortly.



    You cannot do this yourself, you will have to backup all data off the machine


    Most commonly used backup methods



    and  send the machine to a local Apple Authorized Repair facility to have the hard drive replaced.


    Find the closet Apple repair/distributor



    If you purchased AppleCare then it's covered, if not then you might decide to get a larger drive if they have one since you would be paying for it.

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    Thanks for your help.


    I did it and the smart status is not good, there is a message that I have to change the Hard Drive.

    I know I should send it to apple authorized repair, but I dont have any in my town, thats why I would like to know wich hard drive to buy, I have a friend coming from Canada next month and I can ask him to buy it for me and I will find some computer store to change it.

    Please,If u know where I can have the information wich kind hard drive to buy, 1,0 Tb or 2,0Tb, 3 or 6 Gb, 32 or 64MB, etc... I will be glad.




    Again, sorry about my English, I hope u understand me.

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    dujeduje wrote:


    I can ask him to buy it for me and I will find some computer store to change it.


    Sorry that's not a option as Apple has installed proprietary software/connectors on 2009 iMac versions and later so only Apple Authorized Repair can fix it.


    If you attempt to do so the machine may or may not work, we do know the fans will race in extreme turbo mode and thus can burn out prematurely.


    http://blog.macsales.com/10146-apple-further-restricts-upgrade-options-on-new-im acs




    1,0 Tb or 2,0Tb



    What Apple  provides is what you can get.


    Find the closet Apple repair/distributor




    Use a external storage drive and offload your personal of the your data onto it, when the drive goes the machine will fail.


    Most commonly used backup methods



    Next time consider your hardware choices carefully and choose more open hardware where parts can be exchanged or a SSD/less moving internal parts. Buy AppleCare to give you three years of hardware coverage for things like this.