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This is what I would like to accomplish in my video:

- Have a video clip play

- Then, have it freeze on a shot at the end for a few seconds

- Then, have a big red X show up (on the frozen picture)

- Have text show up on top of the X


Is this possible? Please help, thank you!


--> If only the text is possible, that is ok too


*I'm using iMovie 9.0.7

MacBook Pro
  • clintonfrombirmingham Level 7 (30,000 points)

    Best to take your question to the iMovie forum - https://discussions.apple.com/community/ilife/imovie - that's where the iMovie experts hang out.



  • AppleMan1958 Level 7 (27,415 points)

    It should be possible. You can do a freeze frame in iMovie, but for what you are doing, you need to export the still frame so you can do some editing on it (like put the big red x).



    1) video clip plays

    2) Freeze frame

    3) Add your still of the freeze frame with an X on top

    4) Add a title to the still.


    To get the still frame out of iMovie, follow the instructions here.



    To add the X, use PhotoShop (expensive if you don't already have it) or use one of these apps from the Mac App Store... Acorn or Pixelmator.

  • John Cogdell Level 5 (4,605 points)

    As well as the apps mentioned by AppleMan, you can use Preview to annotate images. Preview is part of the Mac OS.


    With the image open in Preview, click on Tools in the menu and select Annotate, then Text from the drop-down submenu. Drag within the image to create a text box then type the X. You can reposition the text box by clicking within it and dragging it to the desired position. Click on Tools>Show Fonts to bring up the Fonts window then change the font style, color and size if desired.




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    Great idea. Thanks John!

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    Thank you so much, you guys are awesome

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    Yes I think this is pretty easy... I do things like this all the time:

    - in your input/original video clip, grab the still frame that you want and save it as a JPG file. I use VLC for this.

    - open this JPG file in Power Point (add it to a blank slide)

    - now you can use all of the graphics and text tools in Power Point

    - screen grab the resulting image (in Power Point) and save that as a JPG or PNG file

    - import that file into iMove, at the end of your video clip (that should look like a freeze-frame)