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Some time back I downloaded and installed some software called Time Machine Editor. After some time I decided I didn't need it and tried to uninstall it. I managed to zap all the files related to the application but, try as I might, I am unable to completely get rid of the software. From time to time it keeps coming up with a message saying "Both Time Machine and Time Machine Editor are configured to trigger automatic backups. Please deactivate one of them."


In one of the discussions it was suggested that one could download TME again and set it to do hourly backups, and then delete it again. I tried that too and it doesn't seem to work. Would be most grateful if someone could tell me what I should do.


Thanks in advance

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    Contact the developer and inquire as how to properly uninstall it. BTW, those kinds of things usually end up in LaunchAgents or LaunchDaemon folders. Peruse the three Library folders for any signs of TME stuff.