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iMac running OS X (10.8.2) - Mountain Lion

iPhone 5 running iOS 6.0.1

Outlook for Mac 2011 (14.2.4)



sync my calendars and contacts between my iPhone & my iMac



I really do like Outlook for Mac 2011 and would RATHER NOT run separate applications (Calendar & Contacts). But it appears that Outlook for Mac does not support syncing via iCloud. Is there another alternative method to sync my contacts and calendar appointments? Another application that would work like Outlook? It does not have to be iCloud compatiable either.


Can I have Outlook for Mac 2011 sync to Calendar on my desktop and then have Calendar sync to my iPhone? The same with my contacts: can I have Outlook for Mac 2011 sync to Contacts on my desktop and then have Contacts sync to my iPhone?


Also, at one point I did happen to sync my contacts and calendar appointments between my desktop and my iPhone - how in the world did I do that?? But now it seems that if I add an appointment in Outlook's calendar via my desktop it does not sync with my iPhone. This holds true if I iCloud enabled or if I disable it. As well as if in iTunes, I have "Back up to iCloud" checked or if I have "Back up to this computer" checked. Why did it to it in the first place but not now??



This is so *@#&! fustrating!

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    Outlook 2011 for Mac is not compatible with iCloud, your answer is no.


    Apples own applications (contacts/calendars etc) are compatible, so if you use them your answer becomes yes.

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    Yes, I know that Outlook 2011 for Mac is not compatible with iCloud.


    What I'm looking for is a recommendation for an application that is similiar to Outlook that would house my contacts, calendars (and email) in one application but has more flexibility than Apple's Contacts & Calendars and that is only one application vs. three different ones.


    Also, I am still looking for the answer of why/how did Outlook 2001 for Mac did sync initially with my iPhone. When I first downloaded and set up Outlook 2011 for Mac it did sync perfectly with my iPhone (not via iCloud). So, if Outlook 2011 for Mac is supposely not compatible, how did it do it in the first place??


    This is just a rant here, and I know isn't an answer to the question at hand, but I'm baffled at the fact that neither Apple or Microsoft are concerned with pleasing their buyers. I've read through a LOT of posting regarding this subject and see that it's been an issue for a while now and for a large number of unhappy people. Because they have not corrected this, I'm (and I'm sure along with others) are searching for an alternative method. And we're OK and willing to jump ship for a solution that works and to leave behind a brand that has been a standard for a number of years. I don't get it.

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    There is no such application, Soho Organizer ($99) will deal with contacts and calendars but not email.


    Microsoft elected to not make Outlook 2011 compatible, even though Outlook 2010 is, direct your complaint at them.


    As for what changed? iCloud is new and has never synchronized Outllo calendars, so you were using a different service (Google/Mobile Me etc)

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    Oh yes, I've filed my complaint with Micosoft. I just don't get it, why take something that is working away. Why "fix" it when it isn't broken?




    So, it is Outlook 2011 for Mac that is not compatible or is it iOS 6, that's not compatible? Or both?


    Previously, I was using Microsoft Office 2008 - Entourage. It synced perfectly with my iPod Touch (iOS 5) - mail, calendar & contacts.


    Curious if, if I went back to using Microsoft Office 2008 - Entourage with my iPhone (running iOS 6), if it would sync. Currently, I'm running a 30-day-trail of Outlook 2011 for Mac. I'm TOTALLY ok not using iCloud, I'm simply interested in having my mail, calendar & contacts syncing correct - every time.

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    When you were using Entourage you were using Mobile Me rather than iCloud, Mobile Me is gone so if you went back to Entourage it would not sync.


    Microsofts produucts for Mac are not compatible wth iCloud (other than email) so you can't use them together, that's about as simple as I can make it.