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Okay, so I was on the cusp of buying my first ever mac. The new Mac Mini. Just the base model, don't need anything too powerful for what I'm doing on it. But I'm needing some re-assurance here.


The reports of the HDMI issues on this forum has somewhat put me off. I was fully intending to use the HDMI to DVI adapter that comes in the box to hook up my aging HP W22 monitor to the mini.


But now I'm reading stories of the screen blanking every hour or so, and (much worse, imo), the screen being fuzzy and unclear all the time. I understand Apple may be "on the case", and we're hoping it's only a software issue for obvious reasons (In my humble opinion, it's a hardware issue, and possibly due to some chip actually overheating and briefly shutting down). But the horrible part is hearing that several people are on their second or third mac mini, with the exact same problem.


So, who has the new Mac Mini "late 2012" model and *hasen't* got any issues with the HDMI output? I'm reading plenty of "me too" posts, but nothing which says "actually, it's all fine, right out of the box".


If I do plump for the Mac Mini, how good have Apple been historically with this kind of thing? I understand that sometimes, things just go wrong, but it's the aftersales which is critical. I don't want to spend all week jumping through hoops and getting RMA numbers just to get the thing fixed/swapped over.

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)