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I didn't notice this until Mountain Lion and some time after installing Fantastical (but the developer claims it has nothing to do with Fantastical), but whenever I double-click in iCal to create a new event, then whatever word I put after "at" in my event, is being placed as the Location.


This would of course be nice if I was adding events in English, but in my language "at" means something different, so I'm getting a ton of weird stuff in "location". My system is not even running the English version of Mountain Lion either, so I have my doubts that this is something Apple came up with, if it was, then it would be clever enough to use the correct word for my language as a trigger, and not just english.


Is there any way to disable this or find out what's causing it?  I can't think of any plugins/apps I have that might interfire directly with iCal like that. It happens instantly after adding a new event, but it does not happen if I edit an existing event.


Is there a place iCal plugins will be placed so I can look in that folder if there are any scripts that might modify iCal in any way?