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Hi - recently ftp'd a new episode of my podcast (colliderscope.jellycast.com/podcast/feed/2) to my hosting service.


Was only when I checked itunes that I realised the file had not uploaded properly and was about a tenth of the size it should be.


I corrected the problem, however, itunes is still downloading the part file even though it will stream the entire show.


Can anyone suggest why this is and if there is a simple fix I'm missing? Thanks in advance!

Windows 7
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    On subscribing I downloaded the latest episode and got a file 11 minutes long which ends abruptly. When accessing the file URL in a browser I got very odd time displays - it didn't behave as it should and I couldn't confirm the length.


    You've confused the issue in the iTunes Store because all your episodes have the 'itunes:duration' tag set to '02:00:01'. It's important that the duration is correct.


    Quite what's going on at your server I don't know, but I should delete the episode file, rename your local copy and re-upload it, and amend the feed to match the new filename. Change the GUID tag for the episode or iTunes won't know it's been changed. When the Store updates - likely to take a couple of days - it should sort itself out, particularlly if you get the durations corrected. Subscribers who already downloaded the incomplete version will download the new version.

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    thanks very much for your quick response.


    i have tried deleting the podcast entirely and re-uploading with slightly different tags (though I did not re-name the local copy) so could it be that itunes hasn't caught up yet? i was unaware that it would take a couple of days for itunes for an update to be picked up.


    with regard to the duration, i have never manually set this.  all the shows are two hours long and this always seems to get rounded up to 02:00:01.


    thanks again!

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    Subscribing doesn't involve the Store updating because your iTunes application is accessing the media file directly (and the feed). Something odd is going on, possibly with cacheing somewhere along the line. Don't worry about the Store page: check your file by subscribing afresh, and also by entering the media file URL in Safari (rather than FireFox) where it should start playing fairly quickly while continuing to download, and show the correct duration. Currently everything is still seeing the old version of the file.


    I just checked it again: also I downloaded that and the previous episode from the media file URL. The previous episode started to download a file of a suitable looking length (and it plays correctly in a browser). The latest episode downloads a file of only 11.9MB. This is the URL - try downloading it yourself (control- or right-click and choose 'Download linked file' or equivalent).


    http://colliderscope.jellycast.com/files/audio/colliderscope%2010.11.2012_mixdow n_128k.mp3


    So you still have the original file at that URL. You need to go into the server, delete it completely, and re-upload the proper file: I should change the filename and amend the feed as I suggested to be really sure.

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    i'm getting the same. 


    certainly something odd going on - i will do as you suggest.


    thanks again, most appreciated.

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    As an update - I have spoken to Jellycast who confirmed there was indeed a truncated file cached, so hopefully this problem is now resolved.