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1. How can I send via bluetooth my Sony Ericsson c510a contacts to my MacBookPro (Mountain Lion)?


2. How can I see the Phone Memory contacts or SIM Memory contacts using Bluetooth?


Basiclly I've discovered the following:

- iSync isn't available with Mountain Lion

- Using Mac bluetooth I can see most of the phones data but not the contacts (I can easily upload pics for example just using Get)

- I've also tried alternative software like www.soocial.com but can't make the connection between phone and PC






MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 13"
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    1. Pair the phone and Mac. Enable Bluetooth Sharing on the Mac in the Sharing system preferences pane. On the phone go to: Menu > Contacts > Options > Advanced > Send all contacts > Via Bluetooth. A vCard will be sent to the Mac. Double-click the vCard to open the contacts in Contacts.


    2. You can't. The phone's OS does not make contacts viewable over Bluetooth

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    Outstanding reply. I initially had sharing off but figured it out. Thanks so much.