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I have a G4 powerbook with OSX 10.5.6 ( think that is Leopard )


I am on the verge of buying an ipad at xmas but want to keep this running and useable as long as possible but I seem to almost be at a brick wall as I want to upgrade safari, firefox, itunes etc but whatever I do I always seem to be running something that needs updating first.


I know my hard disk is getting full and I need to get some space so I am on with that part of it but can someone please advise me as to what to do software upgrades wise ( and as importantly in what sequence ) so I can run the latest versions that my old trusty machine is capable of. I realise that this is an old machine and is quite restricted but any improvements will help.


It's got that bad now that I have to log in to icloud on my partners two year old "non apple" laptop !!


Many thanks