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I have a big problem with a Keynote 09 presentation. It contained a lot of pictures and videos. Last night, Keynote prompted a message that it could not save the presentation because other programs were accessing information. It asked me whether I wanted to go back to the last saved version or save anyway. I tried both options. Both resulted in a "Could not save" error.


Eventually I had to shut down Keynote using the Task Manager.


The result is that only 550 MB of my 6 Gig presentation survived. Almost all videos and most pictures are gone. Only the shadows of the custom animated objects remain.


I tried to rename the Keynote presentation to ZIP and place the movies into the folder. It did not work. And I cannot find the pictures on the computer either.


Is there any way to recover the presentation? I am very concerned about this error. Because I cannot trust a program that discards days of work by accident.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    dont you keep backups you can use?




    manual backups of Keynote files

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    Gary, thank you very much for your suggestion. I keep a backup of my files and was able to restore most of the presentation.


    However, this does not solve my problem. I am worried about the fact that Keynote dumps most of my media without any notice. Why would the program decide to delete the majority of a presentation's assets when it claims that it has a problem to save the presentation? And why did both options - "Save anyway" or "Revert to last version" not work? I even left the presentation open over night, closed all other running programs and most background tasks but it did not help.


    I am using my backups to prevent damage from mistakes I make or hard drive failures. But such a software flaw leaves me clueless. The remaining question is whether I can trust such a program.


    Plus, I do not know if I can ask Apple for direct support.