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Here is the plot:


My beauty is a late 2011 MBP with OSX 10.7.5 running the whole show ! Until i had been using Netgear Wireless G Router, everything had been just great. Multiple devices were able to access the internet without a flaw. I made an upgrade to CISCO Linksys E2000 and ever since came the problems.


Problem 1: Whenever the Macbook Pro enters the wireless network with specifically multiple tabs on Safari browser, the Internet in my Network crashes. Yes. The LAN seems to be OK. Lights on my router are normal and my local file sharing is uninterrupted, ipad still streaming videos on vlc from my PC, etc. Its just that any of these devices are not able to connect to the Internet. The situation lasts for almost a min. or so and then it gets back to normal. This happens several times a day, sometimes even with single tab on the browser. I am hopeless :-(


Problem 2: After immense Googling, I saw somebody suggesing to try Google DNS to overcome the above problem. It was really worth the try. I have no idea how, but it did resolve my issue. As a check, I tried reverting back to my ISP DSN and problem is confirmed. Though I am happy with the fix, my laptop battery drains very quickly. A steep 50% drop. So without much options, back to my ISP DSN and battery drain issue is fixed. But Problem 1 has started again. :-(


  • Does anybody face the same problem?
  • What does MAC has to do in freezing the internet? And how is it impacting everybody on the Network?
  • Or is it a MAC-incompatible Router? - But LAN is active. So I still doubt if Router is the culprit.
  • Any alternatives?


I am from India and I have an Airtel Broadband ISP.


Thanks in Advance for the Help!




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
Solved by feroz.s on Nov 18, 2012 1:37 AM Solved
Solved. My DSL Modem/Router was causing the problem. I replaced it with another such device and till date no issues found. Yaay ! :-)