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I'm trying to convert an DnxHD render in Compressor to different outputs, all with an overlay with timecode, as used in de video filtering.


The result:


To proress422HQ: The renders fades to almost completely black within 12 frames, and stays that way. And the timecode numbers are stacked over the previous frame TC number.

To Mpeg1: Also fades to almost completely black within 12 frames. Timecode appears properly

To Mpeg2: Starts at almost completely black, corresponding to the 12th frame in the other outputs. Timecode appears properly.


Thinks I have played with is the setting timecode to zero, and adjusting the alpha/transparancy. Even with transparancy to zero, I get the strange fading results.

When I insert a proress, thinks are oke.


So there is a problem with DNxHD and TC overlays. Anyone who had this problem before ?


Since we finish on Win7 machines, we can't work around the DnxHD format.



Compressor, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Just curious about your workflow and how Compressor (and any other of the Apple editing apps) fits in.


    FWIW, I haven't had much luck in getting Avid codecs to play nice with C.


    If you don't get an answer here, I'd suggest you post in the FC Studio discussions since I know some of the regulars there use both Avid and FCP.



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    We export from our grading/finish software to DNxHD, since those systems run on windows. We want to use Compressor to convert that master render to different outputs, among those is one with a timecode overlay.


    We're past the editing fase (we only output EDL's from edit, and relink to online material in grading), so I doubt if posting this in FCP forums is really related.


    Nobody around here ever got this problem ?