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I am teaching teenagers how to video edit using final cut express 4 (their teacher-moderator has this software). They are looking for a inexpensive video camera that will allow them to bring footage into Final cut express to edit. I initially looked for a new firewire camera and much to my surprise (I haven't looked in awhile), there doesn't seem to be any. Most of the inexpensive cameras tout that they are "Flash Memory Camcorders".


How can I get footage from these cameras into Final cut express? Any suggestions?


If you need model #s of cameras, I saw the following:


JVC- Everio GZE10BUS HD Flash Memory Camcorder

Sony Handycam SX45 Flash Memory Camcorder

Sony Action Cam HDRAS10 HD Flash Memory Camcorder


These are examples of camcorders in the price range of their budget, however I don't know if I can get footage from these cameras into Final cut express


Any assistance you give is greatly appreciated.



This will be used on a macbook pro laptop they have.

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    It's not so much the type of memory used but the the format the camera shoots.

    Looking at the camera specs, none will work directly with FCE.


    You need to get a camera that shoots standard AVCHD.


    eg. The JVC shoots AVCHD Lite that does not work directly.

    You can transcode with third party apps but that's jumping through unnecessary hoops.


    With an AVCHD camera you connect to the Mac with a USB cable with FCE open and select Log and Transfer.

    Very simple with the correct camera.

    BTW: FCE only works with Interlaced footage. Many new cameras are selectable between Progressive and Interlaced.



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    Thanks for your reply. Since I know they have a small budget, do you think any of those cameras would allow me to import into imovie and then export imovie into final cut express? (just trying to think about a work around in advance)


    Thanks again!

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    I believe AVCHD Lite works with iMovie but check with the users in that forum.


    iMovie uses a muliplexed file whereas FCE is Quicktime.

    This means it will work but all audio needs to be rendered.


    As mentioned, standard AVCHD will be seamless.

    There are very affordable cameras of that type about.