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    One more question. How do you move or copy images from one library to another one? I understand that images cannot be held in more than one project in a libary ( you can have as many copies as you want in albums ) but I assume you could have multiple copies as long as they were in different libraries. I have tried to copy a photo in one library, close that, open another library and paste it there, but this does not work. Import and Export don't seem to recognize other Aperture libraries. Would you just have to copy the photos to a folder in the Finder and import them from there into multiple libraries?

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    How do you move or copy images from one library to another one?

    To copy images from one library A to another library B, the best way would be to select the images in the browser in library A and export this selection as a new, partial library C  (File > export > album as Library), then import this partial library C into the destination library B (File > Import > LIbrary). This way you can move/copy the original images together with all their edited versions.


    You can duplicate images and have copies in projects, but it is very wasteful and not recommended, for it will duplicate the original image file. If you really, really need a duplicate in a second project hold down the options key while you drag the image to a different project. Also, usually editing in an external editor will create a duplicate original (quasi master). But one of the strong selling points of Aperture is, that it avoids wasting disk space with duplicate original files.




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    Works great, thanks for the info. From the beginning of this thread to now I have become way more comfortable with Aperture. I now have a file structure system I like, libraries created for 5 major categories of images, and much more confidence working with photos in the program. I'm starting to like the program a lot. Thanks again for all the help.

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