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I use keynote.app on ios to display different Imagery on iPhones and pads and have noticed a pretty serious bug...


On a iphone4 or 4s, keynote in playback mode would display about 3/8" shy of the actual screen, leaving obvious black bars top & bottom

...ugly, but somewhat acceptable...but barely


Then I got my hands on an iPhone 5 to do the same thing and noticed 2 issues...:

1) the display resolution is still 1024x768 and now the black bars top & bottom are almost 3/4"!!!

2)you can't resize items without ignoring original ratio...basically, I made something artificially squished in the hopes of letting it stretch back out on display, but could only resize by the corners while maintaining original Image aspect ratio...


I don't mind the hack of building on computer and importing to ios, but why, oh why, for all that is holy and sacred can keynote on the phones NOT FILL THE ENTIRE SCREEN? Why make such a fabolous app and cripple it so?


It makes me sad & cry all over my multiple apple devices

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 5.0.1
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    i'm struggling with the same thing.  i posted this in a different forum.  i've seen a handful of questions all asking the same thing.  i think we all just want to know what the 'native' rendering resolution is for keynote/iphone on the various form factors and how to fill it.  anyone know?


    can't find the answer to this anywhere...


    i've built a high-fidelity iphone5 app prototype in keynote.  i'm running it on the mac in an iphone "frame" and it looks great


    what i want to do now is have that same prototype run on the iphone.  i've tried a number of different solutions and i can't find anything that works on iphone 5 resolution.  keynotetopia, pop, etc.. all of the native iphone apps that render locally don't render at 640x1136


    so, i was hoping that i could just use keynote on iphone.  whoops, landscape only.  no problem, rotated all of my prototype screens and built a new keynote file that is 1136 wide and 640 tall.  load it into keynote iphone and get a warning that i used some transitions that aren't supported, no rpoblem, but then i get


    "your presentation has been resized to fit"


    and it renders everything sub-full screen.


    is there anyway for me to render a "full-screen" 1136x640 presentation on the iphone using keynote?  if not, does anyone know what the "native" full resolution it can support is?