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Hi, iBooks does not open my file: I already tried with the various ways explained in the forum, as the makeup of the Zip extension, but I have not solved.



Let me explain:

I worked on my book directly onto a USB stick on a macbook, then I went home and I overwrote the file on my iMac with one of the key: result!?

The file in question does not open, and even that on the stick!



Have you any suggestions please?



My partner has recovered files on your computer with DiskDrill, but iBooks does not open them. He remembers reading that there is someone who is able to send the file to open it, but has not found the message (where there was the email).



Important to me is because I retrieve the text written to the file and the backup I have now is an old version and miss him so much written material (pictures and filming them have).



Can you help me, please?!?






iBooks Author
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    What is the file suffix you are trying to open?


    .iba or .ibooks?

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    Thanks KT, the suffix is .iba

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    Did you try to use a version from previous edits?

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    Sorry, but I don't see anything so far that would indicate why you're having trouble with those files.


    iBooks Author has a 'Share' menu that includes the option to email to another user, but that is for .ibooks files, not .iBA.


    I'd guess your issue is either related to permissions and/or corrupted files. Perhaps you can take the USB drive into the nearest Apple Store and ask for help trying to understand the issue there.


    Good luck.

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    The file in usb is definitely damaged because it is 200 MB compared to around 1 GB it should be.

    When I worked with the MacBook directly on usb I think that once the file is damaged during the last save (I did not realize this before).

    In iMac I overwrite the original file with that of USB. Result: I have two files of about 200 MB (one in usb and one in iMac) that do not open.

    Now I have only an older version that opens but I lack the important text that I wrote later. I retrieved other files previous Iba with the software diskdrill including one from a GB or so and very recently (4 days before) but it does not open.

    I'm interested to recover all the possible text from the file iba that I have.

    I know the possibility to send at someone to Apple the file groped for a recovery or at least extrapolation of data (I am interested only written texts).

    Can you give me please an email to send the file (I send the link to download it)?

    Thank you very much!