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Hi, iBooks does not open my file: I already tried with the various ways explained in the forum, as the makeup of the Zip extension, but I have not solved.



Let me explain:

I worked on my book directly onto a USB stick on a macbook, then I went home and I overwrote the file on my iMac with one of the key: result!?

The file in question does not open, and even that on the stick!



Have you any suggestions please?



My partner has recovered files on your computer with DiskDrill, but iBooks does not open them. He remembers reading that there is someone who is able to send the file to open it, but has not found the message (where there was the email).



Important to me is because I retrieve the text written to the file and the backup I have now is an old version and miss him so much written material (pictures and filming them have).



Can you help me, please?!?






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